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nFocus Videos works closely with clients to produce top-quality, professional videos for commercial broadcast in theaters, on television and inclusion on client websites. These tightly focused features (30 seconds~3 minutes) highlight client products and/or services, turning a lifeless web-based Internet presence into a dynamic presentation that puts the client's best foot forward, providing a distinct competitive edge in the marketplace. Well-scripted videos can also play a significant role in corporate training and other in-house activities, such as annual meetings and business-related social occasions.


Memories may fade with time but nFocus Videos can prevent that from happening to your most cherished moments with its artistically produced videos. A video of your special occasion will remain as fresh as the day it occurred and will be something you will want to revisit often.

     Weddings--A wedding deserves more than just a simple visual record, and nFocus Videos will be there to produce for you your own personal movie of this lifetime event. From engagement party to the alter and to bon voyage, nFocus Videos will capture not only the visual image but will re-create the atmosphere and feeling of this wonderful day in both sight and sound to be enjoyed for years to come.

     Drama, Dance, Music--Although a high school or community play, or an individual or group musical/artistic performance may not yet be ready for New York or Hollywood, nFocus Videos will create a professional, multi-camera production for your personal portfolio for others to enjoy and appreciate who couldn't make the show. A performance video combined with a personal profile can help young, aspiring artists move forward with their educational goals as they look forward to pursuing their training after high school or college.

     Life Milestones--There are many other personal life milestones you may want to record for posterity, and Focus Videos will be there to make that possible.